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Many people believe that there is only one strategy to buy a property – to select it and pay for it (part of it likely with a housing loan). But nothing could be further from the truth. There are many different and some even creative strategies available to you and some of them enable you to buy property with low own capital and/or with a purchase price that probably you thought you could not afford. Some (but not all) of them are briefly described below.

Maybe we can help you to upgrade to a private property? Or help you to generate some passive income? So please schedule your free, no obligations appointment with us for your free consultation or attend our next event. Please do not try to use these strategies yourself though without the advise and guidance of a professional (see also: Disclaimer)


Sell HDB, Upgrade To Private Property

The majority of the population in Singapore lives in HDB flats. Many owners dream of owning and living in a condo or house instead, but think they cannot afford it. In some cases that is true, but in others it is not so – why not find out for yourself? There are two major reasons why you should consider upgrading:

  • better lifestyle with more privacy and better facilities
  • HDB flats are meant for two generations only. Once they age they become a liability and losing value rapidly (see Property Types)

Whether you can upgrade to a private property of course depends on your individual situation and financials, so please do not attempt to do this yourself.
Schedule your no obligations, free consultation to find out more and to do an affordability calculation for you.

Sell 1 – Buy 2 (Or Even 3) Properties

What if you could not only buy one property after selling your existing one (perhaps through en-bloc?), but two or perhaps even three properties? Sounds too good to be true or you have heard this before and think it is a ‘scam’? Think again. Naturally this depends all on the numbers. If you have an ageing HDB that is losing its value with a high outstanding loan, have a low income and no savings, it will not work for you.

Conversely however if you own a fully paid up private property worth 1.5 million, it becomes fairly easy (with leverage, i.e. money from the bank) to do this. You could potentially buy two such 1.5 million properties (or 3 for 1 million each) and take 75% loan for the first one and 45% for the second one, and/or put one under the husband’s and the other under the wife’s name to minimize ABSD (see also Financial Strategies). Schedule your no obligations, free consultation now to find out more and help you do an affordability calculation. 

Sell 1 buy 3 houses

Keep One, Buy One More Property

You want to buy your next property (be it in Singapore or beyond as overseas investment), but don’t want to sell your current one (as in the scenario above)? Also no problem, if the numbers are right. Under our Financial Strategies page we have shared strategies to legally minimize ABSD and described how you can pull out equity  from your existing property so you can keep it, but have some cash in your bank account (sort of ‘selling without actually selling’ it). In the long-run (property is a long-term investment) if you keep doing this, you may potentially even accumulate a whole portfolio of properties over time. I have been using this method myself successfully, so I know it works.

All this depends on your individual situation and financials, so please do not attempt to do this yourself. Schedule your no obligations, free consultation to find out more.

Property Portfolio

If you already have a portfolio of multiple properties and are collecting passive income, it is important to properly manage it. This applies not only to the tenants, but also the properties themselves. Are they still matching your investment objective? Are they still right for you or should you sell one that perhaps used to be good when you bought it, but now does not perform well any more? How can you further increase your property portfolio and get the maximum return out of it (depending on your risk tolerance)? These are important questions to build your wealth that we’ll be able to help you answer, specific to your own individual situation and portfolio, so schedule your no obligations, free consultation.


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