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Jochen Siepmann is one of the very few German speaking property agents in Singapore. He will be pleased to serve you in German (including if you are based overseas and not in SG).

Jochen Siepmann ist einer der ganz wenigen Deutschsprachigen Immobilienmakler in Singapur. Er berät Sie gerne auch auf Deutsch.

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We offer you a wide range of services surrounding all your property needs, be it advise, transactions, buy/sell or invest. Here is a brief summary, for more details please see the Services Page.

  • Advisory Services helping you with knowledge gaps, strategy planning, leveraging, affordability calculations and many more
  • Execution Services to put the customized advise and strategy in place for you and to assist you all the way as “one-stop shop”
  • Long-Term Wealth Creation to guide you to create and preserve your wealth over time with the right strategies

We also run public educational events on topics like property investing, upgrading etc., which you might want to attend, see the schedule here.



One of the absolutely critical success factors in building wealth and investing in property is to have the right strategy, that we will help to define for you. Wouldn’t you agree that executing the right strategy systematically towards a specific goal is better than to just go by gut-feeling?

  • Financial Strategies: There are many ways how you can potentially buy a property with less capital than you thought or can afford a bigger quantum than you thought, to legally save on taxes and many more. Decoupling, equity loans, leveraging to name just a few. For more details click here.
  • Property Strategies: How to upgrade from HDB to Private Property, Potentially Buy 2 or 3 properites and managing your property portfolio. For more details click here.
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Please schedule your free, no obligations consultation appointment online here or call us at +65 6717-0389 to ensure we are available to serve you.

First, let’s get to know each other, then understand your needs and investment objectives or what kind of new home you are looking for. Then we’ll help you to put things into place for you and using the right strategy for your specific situation. We will guide you along step by step.

We aim to build a strong long-term relationship with you and it is our goal to help you and your family to build wealth over the long-term and are not after just a quick sale. So what is stopping you? We are looking forward to hear from you and help you with all your property needs.

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  • I want to upgrade to a bigger or private property, but don’t know if I can?
  • What is the best way to manage my finances and build wealth over time?
  • How about my ageing HDB flat?


These and many more questions or concerns might be on your mind, as they are for many other clients, too. What if there was help and you could find the right answers to your questions? What if you had someone who could advise you on all of your property related matters and ensure a piece of mind for you and your family?

Instead of trying to figure out everything yourself or falling prey to a pushy agent, why don’t you instead engage the help of our property advisors – free of charge and any obligations, but with potentially great benefits for you.

If you want to upgrade from an HDB flat to an EC or perhaps even a private property, what if you actually could financially afford to do so, but just didn’t know it? Why don’t you find out? Perhaps you might be in for a positive surprise. If you want to keep your existing property and buy your second one, what if you could do it at a significant lower cost (or perhaps even almost using almost zero own additional funds) using only ethical and legally correct techniques?

Does earning an additional, passive income sound good to give you with a better lifestyle, provide a better future to you and your family or potentially even retire early? What is the property market outlook like? These might be some of the questions you are concerned with and we are looking forward to advise you upon.

We can assist you with affordability calculations (i.e. what is the max. purchase price), minimize the taxes you have to pay, strategic long-term planning to create more wealth for you. We give you guidance and assist with the execution (i.e. transactions, some of which are not free of charge, but you will be informed in advance) based on your individual needs and goals. We help you to select the strategy that is optimal for you (not one shoe fits all) along with the right risk profile and over time to grow your property portfolio.

We only use tried and tested methods that work, are easy to follow and that you can do (with our guidance). We will do an in-depth financial analysis that is tailored to your specific situation and give our advise, taking consideration your needs, wants, financial capability and the property market outlook. And the best thing is: it is totally FREE. Please schedule your free, no obligations consultation appointment online here or call us at +65 6100-0170 to ensure we are available to serve you.

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After a successful career in the finance industry spanning across Europe and Asia, Jochen is now a property advisor, mentor, trainer, and public speaker. His published book The Property Apprentice is available in major Singapore book stores and on Amazon. He loves sharing his vast knowledge, experience, and expertise with his clients so they can build their wealth, take care of their families, and have more time available.

He has helped many clients achiever their (property) dreams, found solutions to complex problems and knows strategies that many other people (incl. agents) often do not know. His knowledge, problem-solving skills and own global property investment portfolio make him the right choice to become your and your family’s trusted advisor for the long term.  Schedule your appointment with Jochen now to find out more. He is committed  to find the optimal solution for your individual situation without any charges, fees or obligations.


Watch this brief showcase (press the Play button):

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Jochen Siepmann, ERA Marketing Director
CEA licence no. R057398E

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It is our goal to provide our clients like you with excellent in-depth and personalized service so that they can achieve their investment goals or buy a home they thought they couldn’t afford and build up wealth over time. All our advisory services are completely free of charge and without any obligations. Some of the transactional services (like for example re-sale of a property) might attract commission, if so you will be made aware in writing beforehand so you can decide whether to proceed or not. 

Some of the financial and property strategies described in this website can give you ideas what might be possible. Please do not try to use them yourself though without the advise and guidance of a professional (see also: Disclaimer)

Jochen and Robert Kiyosaki


If your water pipes are leaking, whom do you call – a plumber or a fireman? If you need legal advice, whom do you call – a lawyer or an electrician? The answers are obvious, but when it comes to investment or buying a property, whom do many people ask? Their friends and family. Are they the best qualified people to do so or should you consider somebody who is experienced and has expertise in property investment? Especially if unlike a lawyer or plumber there is no charge why wouldn’t you ask for great advise? 

We provide you with the following Advisory Services, which are free of charge and with no obligations on your part:

-Financial analysis wrt property purchase/investments (does not include banking or insurance products)
-Affordability calculations (what is your maximum purchase price?)
-Income and assets leveraging
-Property Advisory and Strategic Planning
-Help you to define your personalized property strategy and risk tolerance levels



Of course after we have defined your property strategy and found the right new home or investment for you, it is now time to execute on it. You can only succeed if you take action (not only think about it). You can rely on our professional experience and expertise to guide you through the whole process, which sometimes can be complicated and complex.

We can be your one-stop service and tell you what to do when and connect you to the right people like mortgage bankers, conveyancing solicitors, insurance agents and others as and when required (e.g. contractor for renovations).

Please note that some (but not all) execution services like for example resale of a property are not free of charge. In such cases we will agree on the charges up-front with full transparency and before such a transaction occurs you will be informed in writing, so that there are no surprises. You can rest assure that will be in good hands and we will guide you step by step into the right direction.

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Wealth Creation

We want to build successful win-win relationships with clients that last and add value to them. Property is a long-term investment and we want to help you to build up your wealth over time with property, no matter what your current starting position is. This is exactly what we are doing with our own money and investments, too and hence are in a good position to advise from a practical perspective that works for your and your family. We will be there for you and assist with your wealth creation for years to come.

These include (see also our Property Strategies page for more details):

-0 properties: buy 1st one, HDB/BTO or EC
-1 property (HDB/EC): sell 1, buy 2
-1 property (private): sell 1, buy 2 / keep 1, buy 1 / decouple, buy 1
-2 properties: buy 3rd / portfolio review / overseas
-Succession/Inheritance planning (property only)
-Property portfolio review

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